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Aviation Insurance

Airline hull “All Risks” policies are subject to a standard level of deductible, that is an uninsured amount borne by the Insured, to be applied in the event of partial, non-total, loss. Deductibles can also be reduced by means of a separate “Deductible Insurance” policy. The vast majority of airline hull “all risks” policies are arranged on an “Agreed Value Basis”. This provides that the Insurers agree with the Insured, for the policy period, the value of the aircraft, in the event of total loss, is payable in full. Under an Agreed Value policy the replacement option is deleted. Exclusions: 1. Wear and tear, and gradual deterioration 2. Ingestion damage 3. Mechanical Breakdown. Under most “Hull” policies the word “Aircraft” means Hulls, machinery, instruments and the entire equipment of the aircraft, including parts removed but not replaced. Once a part is replaced it is no longer, from an insurance point of view, part of the aircraft. General Liabilities covers premises, hangar keepers and products liability and is called “Airline General Third Party”. Most policies are placed on a Combined Single Limit Basis, meaning Bodily Injury and Property Damage are combined. Aviation Insurance is designed to protect you, your family, your business and your aircraft from a broad range of hazards encountered everyday in the industry. We believe that every situation is different which is why we believe in one-on-one consultations. We will ask a broad range of questions about your aircraft, and its applications to better understand the risks you face, as well as the assets you are looking to protect, and offer clear advice in selecting a policy from a reputable and service oriented insurer. Our approach is very different from what you may experience from a direct underwriter, especially one who provides quick quotes online. We build close relationships with our clients to allow us to foresee their ever-changing needs. Please give us a call for a free consultation.

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