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Boat and Yacht

Boat and Yacht

Coverage for fire and explosion, against fire and any damage caused by explosion whether or not fire ensues, and whether or not an explosion occurs on- or off-board; sinking from floating debris, sunken hulks, and reefs; stranding against sand bars and filled channels resulting in salvage costs, material and labor expenses to refloat and repair a yacht; collision causing legal liability for damage to another vessel; assailing thieves (theft by forcible entry); and jettison and barratry of mariners or masters. Coverage for liability for bodily injury and loss of life is available through Ocean Marine Protection and Indemnity Insurance. Boat and Yacht Insurance is designed to protect you, your family, your business and your watercraft from a broad range of hazards encountered everyday in the field. We believe that every situation is different which is why we believe in one-on-one consultations. We will ask a broad range of questions about your boat or yacht to better understand the risks you face, as well as the assets you are looking to protect, and offer clear advice in selecting a policy from a reputable and service oriented insurer. Our approach is very different from what you may experience from a direct underwriter, especially one who provides quick quotes online. We build close relationships with our clients to allow us to foresee their ever-changing needs. Please give us a call for a free consultation

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